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I’ve been using this clamp exclusively for the past two weeks for seemingly endless polishing… It’s been wonderfully helpfull.

Eric Z., VA

During my early years, I used many tools for a variety of tasks whether it be the construction of tree houses, skateboard ramps, etc. Now, as a homeowner with my first child on the way, this tool has been indispensable for knocking off many items on my ever-growing “honey do list”. I recommend the AUTOGRIP for the “Do it Yourselfers” out there, as well as experienced tradesmen!

Jason J. , VA

Once you start using the AUTOGRIP, you will throw away your old locking pliers away and replace it with the Auto-Grip.

Once I got mine, I was really surprised how easy it was to use and how I didn’t have to adjust a “knurled” knob each time I wanted to clamp on something. I just threw away my old locking pliers because the AUTOGRIP is so much easier and faster to use.

It’s a great tool with hundreds of uses.



Business manager who uses tools to earn a living! Culpeper, VA

We’ve never found a better second pair of hands than with the new Autogrip! We used it on a job immediately as both a clamp and pliers and it saved a lot of time and frustration. They are now standard-issue truck stock on all of our service trucks.

Ray Toczylowski

Washington, DC

While installing new items on my van, I stripped the head of a screw that I was removing. Using the 8″ Autogrip, I was able to remove the screw without much difficulty. After removing, I realized the screw was originally installed at the factory with loctite screw adhesive which is why my driver stripped the screw head.

What a great tool!

Dave, VA

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